Q. Would any of your demands really tank Sisters Camelot?
A. No.

Q. Will this strike or union hinder resources need to distribute food or cook meals?
A. No. We believe more control over our work environment will allow us (the fundraising experts) to raise more money than ever. Also, our strike will not disrupt foodshare or kitchenbus work.

Q. Are your list of demands inflexible?
A. No. We want negotiation.

Q. Don’t your canvassers already get paid a lot?
A. First, our demands are mostly about structure and more democratic control over our workplace. Secondly, we get paid far lower than industry standard – but most of us don’t mind making less to work for the greatest organization on earth.

Q. Isn’t Sisters Camelot a co-operative?
A. No. Sisters Camelot is run by a closed collective. To join the collective you must volunteer for 3 months and then be approved by all collective members.

Q. How can you unionize when you are independent contractors and not employees?
A. This is our job and livelihood whether we have the legal status of employees. We are workers and deserve the right to be organized. Independent contractors have successfully unionized elsewhere.

Q. If you have control over your schedule, why do you need paid vacation/sick days?
A. We believe everyone deserves this. We live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes we get sick or want to visit family. This is a basic industry standard.

Q. Hasn’t Sisters Camelot recognized your right to unionize? Why strike?
A. Our right to unionize is not recognized until negotiation of our demands begins in good faith. We sat down to negotiate and our bosses said they would not negotiate.

Q. Isn’t unionizing too aggressive instead of using the collective process?
A. We believe all workers deserve the right to be unionized. The collective is a closed collective. Some canvassers feel unwelcome at collective meetings and have been treated disrespectfully by the collective. Furthermore, the collective process that currently exists has failed to address the canvassers’ grievances


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