Picket Event

TOMORROW, April 1, 2013

9:15 AM in front of the entrance to Sisters’ Camelot (right at the intersection of 37th AVENUE & 27th STREET, in the Seward Neighborhood)

PICKET EVENT. Come down and help us make a showing of people in support of the Striking I.W.W. Sisters’ Camelot Canvassers Union.

We will be gathered with signs as the Sisters’ Camelot Managing Collective walks past us to have their 10 AM weekly decision-making meeting.

We encourage as many people who can make it out on this Monday morning to come show support for us and solidarity with us. We ask that people not be rude or abrasive towards the collective members, but remind them with our presence that the community is watching and waiting for them to do the right thing. The basic message is still the same: REHIRE THE FIRED UNION MEMBER & NEGOTIATE WITH THE UNION.

We will then walk quietly and respectfully in to the Sisters’ Camelot office and deliver a stack of hand-written letters from people in the neighborhood urging them to rehire the fired worker and negotiate with the union. We will also deliver a printed copy of the Community Statement of Support for our union with the long list of names who have signed on to it.