Phone Zap Extended

The Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union has been on strike since March 1st. One of the striking workers was fired while on strike, and they have refused to sit down and negotiate with the union.

Here are the names, phone numbers, & email addresses of each member of the
management of Sisters’ Camelot.

Call, Text, and Email them every day. Here are the talking points and guidelines.

1. Urge them to rehire the fired worker and negotiate with the union.

2. Remind them that the world is watching and knows that they are responsible for this strike.

3. Ask them to resign if they are not willing to negotiate with a union.

4. Please do not make any threats.

The Sisters’ Camelot Collective
Office phone number 612-746-3051
Email Address:

Clay Hansen: cell phone 612.578.3373

Aaron “Muskrat” Barck: cell phone 612.281.8988

Dave Senn: cell phone 612.296.0677

Clive North: cell phone 612.600.2497

Eric Gooden: landline 612.823.0647