Wage Theft Phone Zap Announced

The Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union is asking supporters to call/text/email the remaining Sisters’ Camelot collective members demanding they turn over information regarding their contractually owed back wages. For weeks, the striking canvassers have been confronting their bosses requesting this information. The wages owed to them come from their share of online donations. The collective has not paid the canvassers share of these funds since October 2012.

1. Ask they turn over information for online donations and ‘call backs’ to the Canvass Union.

2. If they say they don’t have access to the information because the only person with access has not been responding to other collective members phone calls for the last several weeks, remind them they can contact PayPal and Network for Good themselves requesting access to the information.

3. If they say the canvassers contracts do not explicitly say they are owed these funds, remind them this has been policy at Sisters’ Camelot for many years, regardless of how vague the contracts are worded.

4. Call everyday until they agree to turn over the information.

5. Please do not make any threats.

The Sisters’ Camelot Collective Office phone number 612-746-3051
Email Address: sisterscamelot@gmail.com

Eric Gooden: landline 612.823.0647

Clive North: cell phone 612.600.2497

Dave Senn: cell phone 612.296.0677

Aaron “Muskrat” Barck: cell phone 612.281.8988
email: aaronmbarck@gmail.com