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Meet the canvass union!

FYI- bios written in italics are not written by the canvasser being described. They are not entirely serious.

“Funky” John Snortum

john2John (or “Funky J,” as he’s known by his friends) is totally awesome. He has a sunny disposition and is a pleasure to work with. He is the proud owner of two super cute dogs. One time he drove his VW bus all the way out to Plymouth to save us when the canvass van broke down on the side of the highway (again.)

Bobby Becker

bobbyBobby Becker loves canvassing for Sisters’ Camelot. Despite the mixed reactions from potential donors he finds that spontaneously meeting new people at doors all across the Twin Cities and discussing healthy food keeps his faith in humanity renewed. When he’s not working he loves dancing to top 40 pop music, watching Harry Potter movies (but not reading the books) and riding trains. “Trains are the backbone of our way of life. But why consume a bunch of junk when you can ride that junk for free?” He recently gave up eating cheese for spiritual reasons. Interesting tidbit: he is easily confused with Alex Forsey who shares his affinity for blue skinny jeans.

Alex Forsey

alex(Not to be confused with Bobby Becker.) Alex is a pretty cool guy. (I mean, look at him riding that train!) If you wanna be his friend, try talking to him about Dostoevsky, Werner Herzog, or 2 Chainz. (Not pictured: his blue skinny jeans.)

Tiffany Keri

tiffanyHello community, my name is Tiffany Keri.  I am a striking canvasser at Sisters’ Camelot (SC), with three years of past experience.  I have been involved in the organization for just about a year now, canvassing and volunteering for SC.  I found that canvassing for a cause that I had faith in made the task more enjoyable.  I was first introduced to the organization through friend and former collective member Bobby Becker when I was in the midst of a radical career change.  I worked as a nurse assistant for five years before deciding that although I was able to fulfill my need to care for others as a nurse assistant, my passion for creating radical change in the world around me remained unsatisfied.  Working for SC has changed my life; I remain confident that it was the right choice for my family and me.  I decided to go on strike after witnessing a friend and co-worker get unjustly fired during a union drive, and hearing the legitimate complaints of other fellow workers (FW’s) who felt unable to communicate with collective members.  I was moved by their plight, and felt a great need to work on the side of justice, and to stand up for myself and my FW’s.  I live my life in such a way that is in defense of those who are persecuted, and helpful of those in need.  I would like to see this community learn how to recognize and stand against injustice in every situation, even when it means standing against those you call friend and neighbor.  It is time for a change at SC, much like the time of change that came when the collective was first assembled.  I am ready to see Sisters’ Camelot grow from this experience, and to join forces with the IWW to continue to wage war on food insecurity and now labor injustice in the Twin Cities.  I am eager to get back to our important work, feeling newly encouraged and empowered in the workplace.  Thank you for your every effort, and continued support of the canvassers union.  ~Solidarity forever, Tiffany Keri.

Jim Bjerke

jimJim has an awesome head of curly hair. He is one of the funnest people to “do sides” with– that’s when two canvassers work with each other for a night and each take a side of the street. This is because he typically has a positive attitude no matter how rough the “turf” is. He introduced the canvassers to Emma’s Bar in River Falls, which spawned many fruitful Sunday nights.

Luke Welke

Luke spends most of his time at home with his cat “Junk” and his esoteric philosophy books. He can talk faster and longer than anyone else in the canvass. He has the amazing ability to educe donations from the most unrelenting doors.

Maria W.

meI’m the newbie of the canvass union, having just started working at Sisters’ Camelot in November 2012. Before that I lived on a non-profit farm and education center in Northern Michigan where I worked as the Program Coordinator and served on the Board of Directors. (There’s a picture of me on the farm with a newborn Shetland lamb!) When I came to Camelot I was new to canvassing, but I caught on quickly. I enjoyed having the freedom to make my own schedule, the camaraderie of my fellow canvassers and some collective members, and the mission and values of Sisters’ Camelot. I was attracted to the union drive because it presented a way through which Sisters’ Camelot could become a truly egalitarian organization, where all workers would stand on equal ground. The behavior of the collective management has been deeply disappointing to me throughout this campaign, but I sincerely believe we will find a resolution that will ultimately strengthen Sisters’ Camelot.

Will Dixon

will3Will has the longest hair of all the canvassers. He is also by far the tallest canvasser, earning him the friendly nickname “Sasquatch.” He’s pretty quiet, except when on stage with his band Dusty Miller, in which case he shows off his fantastic ability to scream into the mic for like an hour without losing his voice.

Tracy Steidl

tracyTracy is a dedicated member of the Sisters’ Camelot team. He probably volunteers more regularly than any other current canvasser. Oftentimes when I’d walk into work, he would be there finishing up his volunteer shift with the food share bus or the community garden. And I’d be like, “Dude, you’ve been here five hours already, and now you’re gonna spend another six hours canvassing? You crazy.”  

Jimmy Jansen

jimmyJimmy loves hunting mushrooms and talking about really weird stuff like cryptozoology and conspiracy theories. He also enjoys singing along to pop music in the crew van, eating Panda-brand licorice, and watching cheap movies at the Riverview. Like most young adults living in the Twin Cities, he plays the guitar.

shugE Outerspace Mississippi

shugedafaceshugE Outerspace Mississippi has been a canvasser, community organizer, and campaigner in the Twin Cities since 1994, working for such organizations as Clean Water Action, Greenpeace, Minnesotans for a Better Environment, ACORN, the Green Party of MN – and for such candidates as Paul Wellstone, Ken Pentel, Ralph Nader, Holle Brian, Dean Zimmerman, and many more before becoming radicalized and moving away from electoral politics over a decade ago.  Since then he has focused his organizing, campaigning, and canvassing on issue-based organizations & campaigns– most prominently working for Sisters’ Camelot off and on since 2000, and working for NARAL Pro-choice MN for 2010 and part of 2011.  shugE is also one of the founding members of the Sisters’ Camelot collective.

shugE is a local musician, founding the local record label Anti-Civ Records in 2006– which was a collectively run nonprofit for 6 years. shugE has released 4 solo albums and toured the country performing many times sharing his music with fans.  He has also been a member of a number of popular bands, most notably his current project Sorry OK which you can see performing shows around the Twin Cities, region, and country (if this strike campaign ever ends so they can book their next tour).

shugE is also a father of a beautiful 5 year-old son who is really into Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Bridget Laurenson

bridgetBridget is super sweet. She loves cats, bikes, and yogurt. She can often be heard asking fellow canvassers, “How are you feeling?” and “What are you thinking about right now?” She is sometimes seen going into the liquor store to purchase root beer.

Loren “Pip” Ziemek

pipLoren, or as he’s diminutively known, “Pip” is a totally fun person to work with. He’s always got a positive attitude and is constantly cracking silly jokes and making puns. He loves bikes– riding em, fixing em, painting em, taking em apart and putting em back together… I’m not sure what’s going on in this picture, but it sure looks like he’s having a blast.